Don’t just take our word for it . . .

I have always maintained a level of fitness through my life but my body shape never changed that much. I was getting married so I decided to step up my training and have a personal trainer. The results have been absolutely amazing. Danny has changed my shape by giving me a more leaner and defined body, the main thing, I’m so much stronger and fitter than ever before. I make this apart of my life now, I always enjoy progressing and setting different target goals!!

Sam Papageorge


I’ve been training with Danny for just over a year now. Although I’ve always been active and worked out, I’ve never trained my body in the right way until meeting Danny.

Danny creates the perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting.

It was never about losing weight for me but more about improving my lifestyle and fitness. Danny’s helped me achieve my goals, stay motivated to keep it up and I’ve never felt fitter!

I would thoroughly recommend Danny to anyone. Whatever your goals are he will listen and identify how to help you reach them.

Megan Pugh


I’ve been training with Danny for the past two years during the off season to not only maintain my fitness levels but improve them closer to pre-season. Danny’s techniques and knowledge allow him to get the best results possible in the shortest period of time. The conditioning sessions are first class, tailored to my sport, position and replicate the exact movements i make on the field. This ensures I’m game ready going into the season and substantially cuts down the risk of injuries.

Danny’s pre-hab routines, ladder drills and core work i use throughout the season to maintain my strength, flexibility and foot speed. As a professional athlete fitness is a way of life and a key component of longevity. At this stage of my career making the wrong choice is not an option.

Make the right choice and go Peak Performance with DCB.

Tamika Mkandawire


In February 2015 I suffered a bad knee injury, torn acl, torn mcl, torn cartilage, and a fracture in my knee cap, a friend recommended Danny to me, having played football himself I knew he would have the hunger to get me back fit as much as I wanted. I liked his proven track record with working with players and getting great rehab results. My progress has been unreal, first session I could barely walk up stairs, with Danny’s hard work and effort he’s got me running and improving every session, knees getting stronger by the day. Looking forward to going to the next stage on my rehab with Danny guiding me.

Ryan Mahon


I work with Danny regularly during the off season from Football and at different times throughout the season to work on my fitness and conditioning to help me keep on top form during the season. Every session is tailored and structured to my needs. Knowing Danny has played professional football gives me confidence that he knows how hard to push the body and how every move feels. 

Adam Chambers


At the start of the year I decided I needed to get fitter and arrest a slide in fitness and body shape. Danny has improved both immensely with great bespoke training sessions that are always varied. He has kept me focused on ensuring my diet is good with guidance on food types and supplements. Training sessions are always enjoyable but never easy, I need to be pushed to my maximum and Danny certainly does that. The results have been great and the lifestyle change and attitude to fitness that Danny encourages will be long lasting. 

Mark Archibald




June 2018