Personal Training


I realise that you are an individual. Your health and fitness requirements are not the same as everyone else, nor is the time available you have to exercise the same. By having a Personal Trainer custom-build a fitness approach that caters to you, your goals and your lifestyle habits will give you your best chance of success.

To physically make a change in body shape or general health does take a serious commitment. Having a Personal Trainer optimise your gym time into effective exercise routines will see you make the changes you’ve maybe failed to reach in the past. Whether you’re someone who needs to be held accountable to regular quality exercise, or you’re someone who is self-motivated and needs some direction in order to maximise your training potential, Personal Training is the answer. 

To begin, we start with a fitness consultation and assessment, where we determine your health goals, consider any medical conditions or injuries, and to discover your fitness starting point. Based on your assessment results I can then develop a plan to begin your health and fitness development.

Your fitness plan will be progressive, and it will challenge you each week that passes. Your fitness will improve, you will become stronger and you will feel the benefits of quality exercise within the first handful of sessions.

Personal One to One Training:

Training and guidance that is tailored to each individual. No matter your fitness or strength levels. You will be motivated, encouraged and pushed throughout your training. It will be fun, progressive, challenging but rewarding. You will have all your measurements including body fat taken and monitored. You will also be given a tailored nutrition guide to follow. For me training isn’t just about fitness or weight loss, it’s also about building confidence, structure and a long lasting lifestyle change.

Sports Specific:

Tailored training sessions to help you in your preferred sport. Having come from a sporting background playing over 15 years as a professional football player I have gained bundles of experience and knowledge of what it takes to be at your Peak fitness and movement. To be able to push you to your max and making the sessions specific to your sport and role.

Group Training:

Find it hard to stay motivated even by your trainer? Train with a friend, some of the benefits for this include: Training with someone familiar, friendly challenges, motivation outside of the gym. Be assured by training with a friend your sessions won’t be hindered, the same principals apply. Contact us now to find out about the exclusive deals on group training. 

Whatever your body shape, my goal is to help you achieve your goals, get results and feel the benefit of regular quality exercise. Please email me on



June 2018